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Disrupting Yourself is available in Paperback and Kindle (PDF + Audiobook coming soon!)

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"I made sure to keep a pen and paper handy while reading through Alex Mitchell’s great new book Disrupting Yourself. Focused, yet full of actionable information, this book is a great resource for those looking either to stay on top of their game, or get to the top in a time of change."

Matt Trevithick

CEO, Blank Slate Technologies

"In Disrupting Yourself, Alex Mitchell offers an authentic playbook for anyone wanting to understand the seismic powers that are shaking the foundations of how we work, and rethink about how we are to make money and create meaningful lives by doing what really matters the most, with the help of a comprehensive step by step journey framework - You'll be compelled to action."

André Marquet

"Gone are the days when financial security was guaranteed by doing the same thing over and over again. Alex does a fantastic job at talking through how Disrupting Yourself over time is the only constant in this changing economy. Practical tips at the end of every chapter and the workbook sections make it a super valuable add to my bookshelf."

Avinash Bajaj

Host: The MBA Jam Podcast

Chief Product Officer: and Amras Labs